Shared Shuttle Service Rates from Fco (Fiumicino) and Rome to Civitavecchia and Vice – Versa are all inclusive.

The rates listed are for passengers travelling with 1 large suitcase and 1 carry on each. Please indicate if you have extra luggage, we may require to upgrade your vehicle.


Travel time - Rome to Civitavecchia port & vice-versa: normally 75/90 minutes.

Travel time - Rome FCO Airport to Civitavecchia & vice-versa: normally 60/75 minutes.

  • Our driver will meet you outside the customs exit at the airport or at your ship's gangway exit with a (OUR) sign with your name.
  • You will be assisted with your luggage and accompanied to your vehicle.
  • Shared Shuttle transfers are available between 6 am and 8 pm, 7 days a week.




  • Please note that there are many streets and alleys in Rome that are illegal or impossible to pass through with vehicles. If this is the case, our drivers will do their best to drop you off (or pick you up) as close as possible to your accommodation.
  • Requests for shuttle services are accepted up to 4 pm on the day before arrival unless we are fully booked.


Once you have filled out our reservation form you are legally bound to a contract with our company. Placing reservations with invalid credit cards or without the necessary funds to guarantee the services will not be confirmed. You will be requested to provide a different credit card.


  • Do not leave airports, ports or pick up locations without calling our office numbers to help you locate your driver.
  • In the case of Airport pick ups; once you have collected and cleared Customs you will proceed to the main hall of the arrival. You will find our driver at the "MEETING POINT" which you will find on the left hand side of the hall, holding a signboard with your name on requested time. The driver may arrive 15 minutes prior to the requested time and will remain 15 minutes after the requested time at the "MEETING POINT". 
  • Our transportation is provided by licensed professional drivers that are qualified to perform private transportation in Italy and all over Europe.
  • Our Shuttle Service is available for transfers between the Civitavecchia Cruise Dock and the FCO airport and central Rome
  • Our Shared Shuttle Service offers chauffeur driven Vans and Mini-Buses with drivers specialized in door to door transportation between the Rome airport or central Rome to Civitavecchia Cruise dock and vice-versa.
  • Our vehicles are fully air-conditioned with lots of space in the back for comfortable transportation of luggage inside the vehicle.
  • If you prefer our Private Limo Service please click here for rates or bookings  www.romebylimo.com

To book a reservation go to Booking page and fill all mandatory fields in particularly select "Requested service", then "Number of People", then leave your credit card data and click on the "Book" button. Our easy reservation form will then come up for you to fill out with the requested information. If you have any extra information that you would like us to know you can put that in the "Additional requests or Notes" box near the bottom of the page.

FROM Fiumicino Airport (FCO) TO Civitavecchia Cruise Terminal - Departure 10,30 AM
FROM Fiumicino Airport (FCO) TO Civitavecchia Cruise Terminal - Departure 12,30 PM
FROM Civitavecchia Cruise Terminal TO Fiumicino Airport (FCO) & Rome City Centre - Departure 7,00 AM
FROM Civitavecchia Cruise Terminal TO Fiumicino Airport (FCO) & Rome City Centre - Departure 9,30 AM
FROM Rome City Center TO Civitavecchia Cruise Terminal - Departure 11,30 AM
FROM Civitavecchia Cruise Terminal TO Rome City Center - Departure 7,00 AM
FROM Civitavecchia Cruise Terminal TO Rome City Center - Departure 9,30 AM

Please select one of these pick up times according to your schedule.

Our driver will wait maximum 15 minutes after the scheduled pick up time at the hotel, after this time your credit card WILL BE CHARGED for a "No Show", or for not cancelling in due time (48 hours prior to the hour of your service), or for leaving with a wrong or different driver or for not calling Customer Care to help locate your driver.


We cannot be held responsible for pick up delays due to strikes, bad weather conditions, turmoil's or political demonstrations. Therefore, on those days, our pick ups could be delayed, which you will be informed in time for your tranquility, but always with plenty of time to arrive at the Civitavecchia port. Customer care will call your hotel to advise of the delay. During your transfer our driver may have to make or receive brief phone calls excusively regarding his services. It’s part of our job and so please bear with us.



Although we understand many cruisers are eager to get on board as early as possible, if you arrive too early you will find yourself waiting with hundreds of other passengers in a hot tent for the ship to open for boarding, and finding yourself waiting in long lines to go through security machines. Normally ships sets sail between 6.30 pm and 8 pm. Check with your cruise line when your ship leaves port and book your transfer accordingly.

Our driver can wait for a maximum of 15 minutes after your scheduled pick up time. Book your exit from the ship with the cruise line accordingly.

We cannot be held responsible for your luggage. You should check it when it's put in the boot of your vehicle and also when it is unloaded at your arrival. Extra costs will incur if you have left any objects or luggage inside the vehicle or elsewhere and our service is necessary for it's recovery.

We're not responsible if your cruise line does not let you off at the right time, this issue should be taken up with them. Your driver will wait for 15 minutes max, after your scheduled pick up time. After this 15 minute grace time he must leave the port with the other passengers and you should find your own means of transportation and your credit card WILL BE CHARGED as a "NO SHOW".



Cancellations and/or modifications of booked reservations are possible only by e-mail. We DO NOT accept them by phone. Once we receive your e-mail request we will acknowledge the cancellation and/or modification requested and you make sure to have the confirmation of the cancellation. Cancellation and/or modifications of booked reservations are possible only by e-mail and it has to be done 48hrs. prior to the service requested.

  • Prepayment is possible by requesting us to charge your credit card when placing your reservation in the "Additional Request" box authorizing us to charge your Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard and JCB only). If you have used one of these methods of payment please print out your payment or reservation form to show our driver. DO NOT PAY AGAIN!
  • If the driver tells you that he did not know of the payment please have him call our office. You must speak to us personally! If the driver does not call us he is NOT OUR DRIVER and will try to make you pay again. Be sure to have the right driver before getting in the vehicle.
  • Add 20% for Shuttle services until 7 am.
  • Shuttle reservations are accepted (unless we are fully booked) up to 4 pm the day before the service requested.
  • Luggage included; 1 LARGE LUGGAGE and 1 CARRY ON per person. In order to provide the correct vehicle please specify if there are extra pieces of luggage. Excess luggage fees are: 5 Euros more for each carry on and 10 Euros more for each large piece of luggage. Please specify when filling the reservation form.
  • Our drivers will always do their best to see that your luggage fits in our vans, but bringing more luggage than allowed on your reservation form could result in being left behind, so please respect luggage allowance.
  • We provide shuttle services, to & from all central Rome locations, to and from the FCO airport to & from the Civitavecchia dock.
  • Please allow up to 30 minutes grace time from hotels, airport and the Civitavecchia port that could be due to intense traffic, bad weather, strikes or demonstrations in Rome.
  • Please be ready to go 10 minutes before pick up time from hotels and pick up locations.
  • If disembarking at the Civitavecchia port (gangway of your ship) our representative will wait you, holding our sign with your name. For your security always be sure that it is our driver.


For pick ups from hotels, Airport and Civitavecchia dock, be sure that the driver that is there for you is from us. Many concierge's or Taxi drivers may try to trick you by calling a driver that he works with (to get a commission) and tell you that it's your vehicle. Be ALERT. Unfortunately, these actions are frequent, so please be careful. Be suspicious if for pick ups from hotels the driver comes too early or does not know your destination or the rate you should pay. If he doesn't know he is NOT our driver so please be careful!

  • If at the airport or port you do not see our sign with your name, you might see other drivers with our sign with other names. You can go to one of these drivers that will help you locate your driver.
  • Payments in cash only with Euro currency
  • We cannot be held responsable for personal items that are left behind in any our vehicles. It is your responsibility to check your belongings before leaving. You should check it when it's put in the boot of your vehicle and also when it is unloaded at your arrival. If any item is found after the drop off, our rate is € 60,00 if in Rome and € 120,00 if at the Civitavecchia Port to have our driver take it back to the owner.
  • When arriving at Civitavecchia Cruise Terminal: We're not responsible if your cruise line does not let you off at the right time, this issue should be taken up with them. Your driver will wait for 15 minutes max, after your scheduled pick up time. After this 15 minutes of grace time he must leave the port and you should find your own means of transportation and a "NO SHOW" charge will be made.


We do not charge your credit cards. The credit card information requested is ONLY to secure your reservation.

If you would like to pay with your Credit Card (Visa, Master Card or JCB only) simply request us to charge your card when filling out the Reservation Form in the "Additional Requests" box (Example: I authorize ????????????????? to charge my Credit Card for 000 Euros + the Credit card commission). We will add the 5% commission to the total and confirm your service.

Once booked and confirmed you are responsible for your reservation and WE WILL CHARGE your card in case of "NO SHOWS", for not cancelling in due time (48 hrs. before service), for leaving your pick up location with a different or wrong driver or for leaving your pick up point without contacting Customer Service to help you locate our driver.


Many car services ARE NOT allowed to enter the port terminal area and will drop you off at the port entrance gate with a long way to walk.

With our shuttle service we pick up and deliver directly to your ship's gangway.

After submitting your request for service form we will normally process and forward your confirmation within 12 hours. Your reservation (which you should print out and bring with you) will contain all the information regarding your transfers and our contact numbers.

You are not confirmed until you receive our email confirmation


For contacts:
Civitavecchia Shuttle Services, Via Baldassarre Longhena 69 - 
00163, Rome (RM), Italy.

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +39 (340) 1764737; Fax: +39 (06) 66150345
Emergency Number: +39 (340) 1764737 (Antony); +39 (320) 0664420 (Aldo)

Website: www.civitavecchiashuttleservices.com


Accepted credit cards

accepted credit card

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